Ben and Gina at Didsbury House Hotel Manchester

I was so excited when Gina and Ben came to see me, such a lovely and excited couple who was getting married at one of my favourite hotels. The Didsbury house hotel.

The Didsbury house hotel is such a stunning venue a Victorian villa, which is the homeliest hotel I have ever covered situated on the edge of Didsbury village minutes from where I live so I was praying that Gina and Ben would book me.

From start to finish the day was lovely I met Gina in the morning at her parents home for bride preparations where I was offered breakfast and Coffee such lovely and welcoming family. There I captured some wonderful photos before leaving for the hotel.

Ben was busy when I arrived at the hotel keeping the children occupied and greeting his wonderful guests. It was the most beautiful wedding relaxed friendly and fun.

Yes it rained most of the day and we was mainly inside which was fine this hotel is teaming with natural light in every room, we did manage to get outside briefly which was lovely and we got some beautiful colourful shots.

Thank you Gina and Ben, The wedding was fabulous and you all made me feel so welcome.

Enjoy your photos they are lovely.

Jo Signature x
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